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Mongolia Travel warnings

Weathering Weather & Bureaucracy in Mongolia

From border bureaucracy to road rage to extreme temperatures, Mongolia demands that you pay attention to your surroundings and prepare accordingly. It is not an easy place to travel, especially if you're by yourself,

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Mongolia

Mongolia is a fascinating place to visit, and a journey here can be as adventurous as you’d like it to be.  Even if you stick to the capital city, UlaanBaatar, you can find portable gers (the round felt tents of the

A Guide to Mongolian Customs

Mongolia is not particularly religious, conservative or liberal, but it is uniquely Mongolian. People take pride in their customs and habits, and if you show respect you will find far more doors are opened during your t

Health & Happiness - Mongolia

Look out for some common health hazards in Mongolia. It is still a developing country, and health care facilities are not to the standards you might be used to. Don’t let that put you off this amazing destination, sti

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China: A massive traffic jam in China, road works blamed. Add 9 days to travel time for Mongolia to Beijing trip!. yes, 9 days!

almost 7 years ago

Recommended vaccinations for Mongolia

  • Diphtheria

    Diphtheria is a serious throat infection, which infects from person-to-person through the air. The vaccination should be less than 10 years old otherwise a booster is needed.

    Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis)

    Infectious hepatitis infects through contaminated food and water. Vaccination consists of two injections about 12 months apart, which protects for up to 25 years. The first vaccination protects for 12 months.  The hepatitis A vaccine can be combined with the vaccine against hepatitis B .


    Tetanus is a complication to wounds contaminated by soil. If there has been a vaccination within the past 10 years it is not necessary to give a booster in case of wounds and accidents. Tetanus vaccinations are usually given in combination with diphtheria vaccine. If you are previously vaccinated, the vaccine can be given right up to departure.

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Traveling around Mongolia for a month in August; best ways for traveling alone, safety, Equiptment/clothing required?

Michael, here's a start.... and I'll get some m... read more »
about 5 years ago

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